404 Ink: The ‘F’ Word

Issue 2 of 404 Ink “F Word” is now available for pre-order… and I’m delighted to announce that I have a short comic “Beloved Monster” in this issue! It’s deeply exciting to appear along side such great talent in a Scottish publication. If you haven’t come across these epic publishers before, you may know them from the critically acclaimed NASTY WOMEN or their previous 404 Ink magazine issue, “Error”. Visit them here and PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE.

Joining Knight Errant Press

Super (no-longer) secret news update!

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the team at Knight Errant Press as an Editor!

Our aim is to bring about more narratives from LGBTQI+, as well as migrant folk and translated stories from outside the English-speaking world, voices which often slip past the big presses and are deemed too niche.”

– Knight Errant Press

I’ve had all sorts of editing experiences over the years – from scripts and screenplays to comics and copy – but only in the last few have I had the opportunity to work with fiction and essays, something which I have discovered a great love for. I’m delighted that Knight Errant Press asked me on board and can’t wait to get my (proverbial) teeth into some submissions!
So what now?

“No human experience, fictional or otherwise, is too niche for us. We love writing that challenges preconceived notions and makes us think and probe beyond our elaborately constructed realities. We hope to nourish such talent at Knight Errant Press. It is our job to make your voices heard, read and recognised.”

Knight Errant Press

Check out the submission guidelines for Project Uno here and send us your best – and spread the good word. Independent media needs and loves your support <3 Project updates will be along in the near future.

In the meantime, TeaWolf Productions will continue operations in its usual freelance capacity, creating delectible designs and illustrations. Get in touch if you’re interested in any services.

Portfolio Updates & Other Bits

It’s been a long time coming… my portfolio pages have had a tasty update! Split into three sections; Publications, Design and Illustration, these pages showcase a wide range of works including major updates from the last 18 months.

In other news:

My Etsy store will soon be re-opening, selling copies of issues 1 & 2 of Four Letter Word [now closed], amongst other goodies.

Love Delicatessen (or rather, the 2017 reboot) has started updating. If you are an old fan (or even a new one!) you can support the comic by donating at my Patreon page.

I currently work with The Bakers Arms Edinburgh on their design and social media (and admin when no one is looking). Expect updates on this soon!

Secret Project… I’ve been invited to contribute on something super awesome which I am looking forward to announcing in the next few days…

If you’ve been waiting for this update to get in touch, now is the time! You can reach me via the contact page.

More news coming very soon. In the meantime, thanks you to all my followers (old and new) for their patience during my long and (I think) inexcusable absence. You are the BEST and thank you for hanging in there <3