Big Changes

The last six months have been, to say the least, insanely busy. Dominated by graphic design and editorial work, I’ve been working on promotional materials for Royal Mile Silver as well as creating stories for long-term clients FingerLINK, online materials for Safe Place Counselling and continuing to contribute to Knight Errant Press. October and November have seen as gradual winding up of client work in preparation for a new adventure!

This week I started a new full-time position at DC Thomson in their Heritage Brands department, working on comics such as Commando, Oor Wullie, The Broons and other vintage and archive materials.

Whilst working there I will no longer be available for freelance work and will be turning my creative energies to other personal projects outside of work hours. If you’d like to keep up with these, you can watch for updates here.


Gosh, it’s all been rather full on… but last Saturday, Knight Errant Press finally launched F, M or Other at the fabulous Lovecrumbs bakery in Edinburgh. Time is short, but here’s a quick peek… more info on where, when and how you can buy volume one of this mammoth anthology coming very soon..!BookPileFMOther

Joy! Kickstarter SUCCESS!

img_1113-1If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I’ve been co-editing and producing Knight Errant Press’ first anthology Quarrels with the Gender Binary.  A few days ago the deadline passed and we managed to successfuly acquire the funds we need to finalise and print this wee beastie, as well as compensate our many talented contributors who have come from worldwide to participate in this unique and pertinent collection.

You can continue following the progress of the book at its official Kickstarter page and receive updates on the team, production, printing and when it will be available for sale.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed their time, funds – or just spread the word to support minority voices in the publishing industry.


Knight Errant Press launched their Kickstarter for F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary last week… and under a week in are 20% of the way towards their goal! Find out more below…

via It’s Alive! #QueerQuarrels

an invitation | anthology launch, Kickstarter and more

I’m so excited to be working on this anthology… it’s looking pretty stunning so far (even if I do say so myself…)!

Available for Hire!

After a long absence I am available for freelance hire (hooray)! If you have a project that requires a story smith, I can offer narrative expertise, particularly skills in editing and writing – as well as design and illustration!

Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch, enquire about rates and so forth.

Previous clients include the BBC, Sky Atlantic, The Skinny & FingerLINK.

Stonewall Scotland: Making Equality Happen


On Sunday 8th October, Stonewall Scotland are holding their Making Equality Happen exhibition for the second year – and lucky me once again has art on display amongst a number of other photographers, mixed media artists and illustrators. Many of the works are on sale and 20% of all sales go to Stonewall and LGBT charities.

Additionally, Knight Errant Press are holding one of their writer’s workshops along side readings and poetry. Find out more about the event from Stonewall here.

NonBinary Ltd (SC510851) Closure

As of September 12th 2017, the company for which I was a director since its registration on 15th July 2015 has officially been dissolved.

There is, for want of a better term, a new phoenix-type company that has been set up with the same name (company number SC568275).

Please be aware that I have absolutely no involvement with this new company (previously named MBMSHELFCO6, registered 8th June 2017). I do not sanction or bear any responsibility for its output or activities now or in the future.

I wish this new company well in its future dealings.

404 Ink: The ‘F’ Word

Issue 2 of 404 Ink “F Word” is now available for pre-order… and I’m delighted to announce that I have a short comic “Beloved Monster” in this issue! It’s deeply exciting to appear along side such great talent in a Scottish publication. If you haven’t come across these epic publishers before, you may know them from the critically acclaimed NASTY WOMEN or their previous 404 Ink magazine issue, “Error”. Visit them here and PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE.