Joining Knight Errant Press

Super (no-longer) secret news update!

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the team at Knight Errant Press as an Editor!

Our aim is to bring about more narratives from LGBTQI+, as well as migrant folk and translated stories from outside the English-speaking world, voices which often slip past the big presses and are deemed too niche.”

– Knight Errant Press

I’ve had all sorts of editing experiences over the years – from scripts and screenplays to comics and copy – but only in the last few have I had the opportunity to work with fiction and essays, something which I have discovered a great love for. I’m delighted that Knight Errant Press asked me on board and can’t wait to get my (proverbial) teeth into some submissions!
So what now?

“No human experience, fictional or otherwise, is too niche for us. We love writing that challenges preconceived notions and makes us think and probe beyond our elaborately constructed realities. We hope to nourish such talent at Knight Errant Press. It is our job to make your voices heard, read and recognised.”

Knight Errant Press

Check out the submission guidelines for Project Uno here and send us your best – and spread the good word. Independent media needs and loves your support <3 Project updates will be along in the near future.

In the meantime, TeaWolf Productions will continue operations in its usual freelance capacity, creating delectible designs and illustrations. Get in touch if you’re interested in any services.

Portfolio Updates & Other Bits

It’s been a long time coming… my portfolio pages have had a tasty update! Split into three sections; Publications, Design and Illustration, these pages showcase a wide range of works including major updates from the last 18 months.

In other news:

My Etsy store will soon be re-opening, selling copies of issues 1 & 2 of Four Letter Word [now closed], amongst other goodies.

Love Delicatessen (or rather, the 2017 reboot) has started updating. If you are an old fan (or even a new one!) you can support the comic by donating at my Patreon page.

I currently work with The Bakers Arms Edinburgh on their design and social media (and admin when no one is looking). Expect updates on this soon!

Secret Project… I’ve been invited to contribute on something super awesome which I am looking forward to announcing in the next few days…

If you’ve been waiting for this update to get in touch, now is the time! You can reach me via the contact page.

More news coming very soon. In the meantime, thanks you to all my followers (old and new) for their patience during my long and (I think) inexcusable absence. You are the BEST and thank you for hanging in there <3

Updates! is currently being updated! Please bear with me while I tweak the site and update my portfolio and pages. Lots of news on the way so watch this space..!

Four Letter Word

Four Letter Word.

We’re media that’s a new kind of space. And we currently have a print magazine, the second issue of which is about to be available. You can visit us at

We’re inclusive, intelligent, authentic and beautiful. Because we won’t settle for anything less.

Come and join us, and if you like what you see, support us by buying something from our shop.

Publishers Inc: The Video!

Last week I made a short video to promote our new iPad app, Publishers Inc 2015. This can be downloaded for free from the app store ( for iPads running iOS 6.0 or higher.

Publishers Inc 2015 is written, curated and built by students on Edinburgh Napier University’s MSc Publishing course. It is aimed at publishing professionals, alumni and prospective students.

Publishers Inc 2015

As some of you know, I’ve been training up on the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. This semester we’ve been focusing on ‘live projects’… that is to say, actually doing some publishing!

Over this semester I have co-headed the production of an iPad app as Chief Digital Designer, along with Editor-in-chief, Susan Kemp. With 11 students (including ourselves), we had 11 weeks to build this fully interactive publishing-centric magazine app – learning on-the-job from scratch. Suffice it to say, we’re a little bit proud of this achievement and are blowing the proverbial trumpet to let everyone know.

The articles are intelligently written, focusing on; industry topics such as copyright and marketing; storytelling including audio and video footage; napier alumni and other live projects, including The Adventures of Martin Rattler, buzz magazine (print) and a co-production between MSc Publishing students and Birlinn.

We have our own blog over at where you can read neaky previews and other related posts. Otherwise, if you are blessed with an iPad running iOS 6.0 or higher, you can download our app from the app store free!

Publishers Inc 2015 by Pub Inc

Wedding Beer!

Hoorah! Here’s a project from last October – the long awaited marriage of two chums allowed for a delightful collaboration between myself and the chaps at Hackney Brewery. The result was a festive wedding label on delicious golden ale, kindly printed by the insane (but lovely) folks at Awesome Merchanise.

Happy 2015!


Another year and another layout to celebrate!

There’s loads in store for 2015, including the release of various bits of illustration work and publication projects associated with the MSc Publishing course. This year I’m hoping to flex some design muscles and brush up on those InDesign skills with a couple of extra curricular projects, start posting project videos and (employers willing) share a bit more illustration work.

TeaWolf has undergone some streamlining in the last update, with the addition of pages for publications and photography and an easy link to Amazon Crimes reviews via the home page.

New Adventures

Let’s face it, I fibbed. I haven’t updated on a regular basis at all, mostly due to an expansion of operations.

Yes, the drawings are still going (awesome), but no I still can’t talk about them (weep!). However..!

Two new things are going on. I recently started MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University and have become one of the blog moderators – you can check out our latest fun and games at where myself and Susan Kemp will be posting each week.

In addition, is my new site for video-on-demand reviews. So if you have an Amazon Prime or a Netflix account, there are honest reviews going up of the content, rather than the dross currently available! It’s ongoing and I take requests, so drop me a line if you can’t be bothered to watch something before me.

I’m not too cruel. Have a sneaky peek of something: