I began my professional career in Film & Broadcasting Production but have since moved on to Graphic Design and Illustration.

Credited productions:

Flying Monsters with David Attenborough 2011.

BAFTA Award winner, Best Specialist Factual 2011.

VFX Co-ordinator, producer’s assistant.

David Attenborough’s First Life 2011.

Emmy Award Winner, Best Nature Programme, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Graphic Design.

VFX Co-ordinator, producer’s assistant.

The Illusionist 2009.

Oscar Nominated, Best Animation 2010.

Scene preparation supervisor, asset tracker.

Uncredited productions:

The Penguin King

Kingdom of Plants

Engineering the Impossible

The Wildest Dream

Rome Unwrapped

Matt Hatter Chronicles

The Golden Compass


Love in the Time of Cholera

The Other Boleyn Girl

The Hills Have Eyes II

Hot Fuzz